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Durham Cathedral

This main image of Durham Cathedral in some of its glory is a few years old, and it was languishing in a box of transparencies.

I have a habit of shooting pictures, then storing them away for posterity, though the reasons I filed this image was because the vantage point had an ugly street lamp stuck unavoidably in the middle of the vista. At the time of shooting, I worked around the obstruction by taking the picture in two halves, gathering sufficiently from each side of the obstacle.

But at the time I couldn’t be bothered piecing them back together in Photoshop and it ended up in said box.
The second problem is that (for some unknown reason) I shot this on Ektachrome slide film (instead of my preferred Fuji Film), so I’ve had to dampen the blues and boost the reds a touch (and if that doesn’t make sense, worry ye not). But what you see here is very much a real picture of a cracking scene.
And yes, the crescent moon is a real one.

There now seems to be a blanket ban on any form of filming and photography in Durham Cathedral, so whilst digging around in my slide boxes – like a dog after a bone – I also scanned a few internal shots of Durham Cathedral.
These images date from what was obviously a freer time for photographers, when a camera didn’t label you as one of those ‘selfie’ shooting vanity-projects, which continue to empty photography of both skill and a worthwhile purpose.
For thoser with eyes to see, Vive la différence!